You can help us finish this film!

After nearly four years of production we are closing in on finishing this film! We are actively raising money to complete post production - most notably to pay for the mountains of translation work, hire our amazing and talented editor and score. Every donation over $100 will receive a digital download of the completed film and a thank you on our website and an invitation to our Bay Area friends and family rough cut screening party!

Donations made here are tax-deductible and will support completion of the film AND the Bangladesh Surf Girls and Boys.

If you would like to contribute skills or energy in any other way also do contact us here

Thank you!

“Though the film is not yet complete there is momentum behind this story and this project. We’d like to thank the American Doc Festival in Palm Springs for believing early on in the story, Marie Claire magazine for taking an early notice, Wavelength magazine (UK) did a thoughtful piece on women surfing in restrictive cultures, Surfline featured our story last summer, Lakshmi Puri (deputy director of UN Women) did a speech on women’s rights in sport citing Nasima’s story as her sole example, Sports Illustrated will be doing a piece this summer, and we’ve even been re-tweeted by Melinda Gates!

We are clearly onto something that has struck a chord - now we just need to finish the film. Thank you!” - Heather Kessinger, Director