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FIREGLORY is a transatlantic production company with campfires in Los Angeles and Berlin headed by Christine Guenther and Chevy K. Chen. FIREGLORY produces bold subject matter stories that inspire, empower, entertain and provoke. They light a fire.

FIREGLORY has produced non fiction works like feature documentaries "Cassette" and "Jealous of the Birds". They also have produced foreign unit segments for Showtime’s "The Fourth Estate", Netflix’s "Abstract: The Art of Design" and "Ugly Delicious". Their fictional producing credits include festival charmers "Salomea’s Nose", the indie feature "1/1", the romantic comedy "Kiss me before it blow up" and the drama "Home".

Chevy and my Bio is here.

Christine has earned her producing chops as Line Producer on award-winning European feature productions and as a foreign unit producer on high-profile international fiction and nonfiction projects such as COUNTERPART, KILLING EVE, THE FOURTH ESTATE and UGLY DELICIOUS. With Chevy K. Chen she created FIREGLORY, a warm collaborative campfire for fresh and diverse voices in storytelling that set out to bring entertaining and thought-provoking experieces to small screens and big screens in a rapidly changing world.

Christine finds balance (or the absence of it) in Ashtanga Yoga and by riding waves and Harley Sportsters.

Chevy is Bay Area native, but now calls Los Angeles his home after graduating from USC's School of Cinematic Arts. He has a strong background in physical production and produced for several TV series such as: COVERT AFFAIRS, SCANDAL, MARVEL'S AGENTS OF SHIELD, and WESTWORLD. When joining Christine, together they sought to build a company that would lead the transition of the industry. Chevy is a former jazz drummer and is absolutely content spending hours in a kitchen preparing a meal for friends and family.