The Most Fearless is a dramatic feature documentary that begins with sixteen year old Nasima who has to escape a life of desperation and poverty.  her only chance at a better life is becoming the best surfer ever in Bangladesh. A conservative country where women don’t even swim in public.

This story is an exercise in collaborative story telling. We have spent this time living, filming, laughing and crying with the surf community of Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh in the production of this film over the past four years.

The Most Fearless film moves through waves of hope and despair as Nasima struggles to rise above the storm she was born into.  The arc of the story follows Nasima, a young teenage girl surfer, and a tight knit group of younger girls, and the compelling characters that surround them. The material is visually exotic, with strikingly beautiful landscapes that contradict all that we’ve heard about this part of the world. The youthful energy and optimism is palpable – this is not a foreign narrative, the story is recognizable: Dreams, family, love, greed,  confidence; and are as simple and universal as falling for the wrong guy.

Right in her footsteps come a tight, firey band of 7 young girls (9-12 yrs old) who are full of fire and hope – they cannot be stopped by the boys, by their parents, or by society. Nasima has shown them what’s possible and this band of girls are determined to succeed against all odds.
While Nasima is a charismatic and sympathetic main character, this is not a Disney story.  This is part of the NEW NARRATIVE. Where real life and real people are more interesting and more complex and sometimes fail (think Tiger Woods or Lance Armstrong). We have literally watched Nasima, the surf community and these young girls grow up and we cannot wait to share their full story.

Look for us in festivals next year, check back here for screening info and contribute to the completion of the film.

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