The Most Fearless is a dramatic feature documentary that begins with sixteen year old Nasima who has to escape a life of desperation and poverty.  Her only chance at a better life is becoming the best surfer ever in Bangladesh. A conservative country where women don’t even swim in public.

This story is an exercise in collaborative story telling that has been in production for the past four years. We have spent this time living, filming, and collaborating with the surf community of Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh.

The Most Fearless moves through waves of hope and despair as Nasima struggles to rise above the storm she was born into.

Full of complex characters and filmed on location in Bangladesh, one of the most visually compelling places on earth.

The film touches on some of the most engaging and universal issues of our time: hope, poverty, globalization, social media, human rights, environmental justice, and the perpetual love/hate relationship between East and West.

Look for us in festivals next year, check back here for screening info and contribute to the completion of the film.

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